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ADD and Daydreaming

On Health & Drugs & Medications » Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

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I am unsure of how they came across your diagnosis since daydreaming is not usually part of ADD or ADHD. You normally have trouble staying on task meaning that if you were working on a paper and someone or something disrupted you you would have no clue where you were on that paper when you tried to go back to it. The daydreaming sounds more like ADD tendencies than ADD or ADHD. Also you did not mention being hyperactive and if you aren't hyperactive then ADHD is definately not a proper diagnosis. If the adderall helps then by all means use it only when you need to but be sure you have a concrete diagnosis via proper testing. ADD tendencies which is what you sound like is generally treated with seeing a psychologist/counselor. It might help if you posted how they arrived at your diagnosis but in any case whether or not to use the medication all the time or only at certain times is up to you.

I would like to respectfully respond to mlgable's comments. Actually, daydreaming IS a symptom of AD/HD, especially in girls who usually do not experience the hyperactivity that we see in boys. Since girls with AD/HD are more likely to be daydreamy, moody and inattentive, the disorder in girls has been overlooked. The medical community no longer breaks ADD and ADHD into two separate disorders, but have combined them into AD/HD, recognizing that the disorder is more complex and has several different patterns of symptoms. Of course, I realize that my comments are most likely to be old news since mlgable's message was posted several years ago. Just thought I'd chime in. God Bless.

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