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I am 21 years old I was diagnosed with A.D.H.D. a little under two years ago. I am currently on 36 mg Concerta but in the last three months it feels like it doesn't really work. The first time I noticed it I thought it might have been that sort of week. But lately it seems like I am just in a daze all the time. I haven't been sleeping well and I am losing my focus a lot more than I did before. My dad is also on Concerta and my brother is on Aderall. Our pharmacy only carries the generic for of aderall and my brother is convinced that it isn't the same. Maybe it is just in his mind because it is sugarcoated almost. But my brother can't take concerta because it gives him really bad headaches. I have heard many people talk about Aderall and Dexedrine. Should I talk to my doctor about switching to a differnt medication. It just seems that concerta just isn't working anymore. My insurance covers all my medication but my copay. And my copay isn't bad at all. Does anyone have any thoughts about what I should do?

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    • I would definately talk with your doc. I started on Ritalin and after 1.5 yrs had to switch to Dexidrine. Some of the ADD meds you could be on for years at the same dose and others you could need to change dose several times before the dose gets to high and you have to switch to a different med. I also found that I am fine in Dexidrine tablets but get reactions to Dexidrine Spatials. I my nephew was fine on name brand Ritalin but got reactions to generic Ritalin.
      #1; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 14:38:00 GMT
    • I was on 10mg Adderall twice a day along with other medications for depression and anxiety. The adderall was wonderful for my ADD but after about 1-2 years my moods started getting bad and having problems with anger. But it happened when my pharmacist changed to the generic. I was wondering if that had anthing to do with the mood changes. I would love to go back on the adderall for my add but my doctor won't let me because she thinks the adderall might have caused the mood changes. But some really bad things were happening at work too. But I did overreact. I think I will printout your messages and show them to my doctor. Maybe the generic does make things worse for certain people. How old is your brother who thinks he can't take the generic?
      #2; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 14:39:00 GMT
    • I didnt know they had a generic adderall...I always am given the name brands, is it new? wouldnt all pharmacies carry the generic?


      #3; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 14:40:00 GMT
    • I also wanted to answer your question, my son is on concerta 36 mg per day and it works wonders for him, he did not do good on the adderall at all..But me on the other hand am taking 40 mg adderall per day, and concerta does not work well for me eiher, I hated concerta.


      #4; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 14:41:00 GMT
    • My brother is 16 and was diagnosed 3 years ago and has been on adderal the whole 3 years. They tried to switch him to concerta but he got really bad headaches. About three months ago, our local pharmacy started to only carry the generic adderall. He knew right away that it wasn't working. He had mood swings and got depressed really easily. It could have been because it was sugarcoated or something...and he had it in his mind...but to be honest all of us could tell the difference. My Dad got put on Concerta about two years ago but was on ritalin for years before. He loves it because he doesn't have the constant rollercoaster of being up and down. And he doesn't have to remember to take it every four hours. That is a definate plus. I have been on Concerta for a little over two years and now it feels like it isn't really doing a whole lot.
      #5; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 14:42:00 GMT
    • I take the generic Adderall, myself--10mg doses, supposedly three times a day but I only take it when I have homework or classwork. Before returning to school here, it had been about two years since my last dose of the stuff--brand name, back then. I was taking 5 mg doses then, and it seemed to last longer, but I don't know if that's due to the brand difference or if it's a change in my biochemistry. I mean, I've just passed the tail end of adolescence in the past few years--I'm 25.

      Generics are supposed to be the same as the brand names, but I know from my parents that they aren't always, so maybe those who are having problems should ask their doctors and pharmacists to insist on the brand-name and see if that helps. I don't, because the generics work just fine for me and they're about $20-30 cheaper. But each person's body is a little different, so...



      - Varika Lhys Maerwynth

      #6; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 14:44:00 GMT
    • I believe there is a huge difference between Adderall and the generic. I know there are several anitbotics that doctors do not want the generic of. Adderall for many people work well and the generic does not. My daughter absolutely cannot take the generic. It puts her in a terrible mood and she said it makes her mean to everyone. She is currently takeing Concerta and it doesn't seem to work as well as the Adderall. The reason she switched is because of weight loss. She was off all summer and gained 10 pounds. We will probably put her back on it for the school year. So...there is a lot of difference for a lot of people between Adderall and the generic. Talk to your doctor, however, don't let anyone talk you into believing that the generic of any drug is exactly the same as the original.
      #7; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 14:45:00 GMT